World of Work

Our “World of Work” curriculum is designed to reinforce “soft skills,” talents and self-confidence. We help individuals transition with greater ease into the next phase of life: working independently in the community.

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Walpole High School Career and Education Program Views on World of Work

“The students from the Walpole High School Career and Education Program participated in the World of Work classes held at Lifeworks. This was a nine week program where the students learned the “Golden Rules” of the work place. Adults with varying disabilities spoke to them about their job searches, experiences, and what jobs they currently work at. The students also learned techniques to help them self advocate on the job, what is expected job behavior, and what is appropriate interview attire. In addition, the students participated in mock interviews.

This was a very worthwhile experience for students. The students completed a “Who Am I” survey and enjoyed sharing this with their classmates. In addition, students made friends and had one-to-one time with advisors.

At the conclusion of the program there was a celebration of achievement with staff and classmates and all were individually recognized for being an integral part of the World of Work Program at Lifeworks.”

Anne M. Curley
Walpole High School
Career and Education Program
Job Coach Coordinator