Personal Stories

Deon B.

Deon joined Lifeworks after completing our special skill training called “The World of Work,” designed for individuals soon to be entering the workforce as recent high school graduates.

In the intense one-week training program, Deon immediately revealed his excellent interpersonal skills that we knew would serve him well in the future. We were confident that regardless of the type of job Deon would eventually be hired to do, or whatever skills he needed to learn, his helpful ‘can do’ cheerful attitude and great smile would get him in the door, and it did!

Deon started his Lifeworks career in August of 2008 and by September was employed as a dishwasher at Corporate Chefs in Quincy, an upscale environment in a busy bank building. Deon continued to join our other employees as well on special mobile crew assignments.

Eventually, another catering company, Epicurean Feast, hired Deon in February 2009 where he is still employed today. Deon is responsible for ensuring that the entire kitchen area is clean and always ready for his employer’s demanding customers. His duties include dishwashing, pots and pans, re-stocking cleaning supplies, recycling cardboard, sweeping and mopping the kitchen as well as other tasks assigned by his supervisor, Dan who gives him rave reviews! When asked about his job Deon replied “Lifeworks helped me to get this job. I really like my job and do the best I can everyday. I feel much better now that I can do things by myself without help.”