School Transitions FAQ

Can my family member work or be in school while attending Lifeworks?
  • Yes, Lifeworks Employment Services’ main focus is work. We encourage people to keep their jobs. In our School-to-Work Program, there are students who have part-time jobs and/or are still in High School and also attend LES.
Can my family member upon graduation from High School, keep their job and still attend Lifeworks?
  • Yes, as long as it was not a “school-owned” job. Lifeworks continues to support people in the jobs after graduation.
What is the minimum age to obtain services at Lifeworks?

The minimum age is 18, although most people start at age 22, when they graduate from the school system.

When should we start thinking about services for our family member?
  • Start early! It’s a good to start learning about your different options by age 18 or sooner.
What is the procedure to receive services from Lifeworks?
  • Call the Employment Director to arrange for a tour of our program and a detailed presentation of our employment services. We then invite your family member to visit Lifeworks for two weeks, during which time they will work with us on various tasks so we get a good idea of his/her skills, interests and talents. Following this, we meet with you to summarize our services and next steps about joining Lifeworks.