School Transitions

As men and women with intellectual and developmental disabilities turn the age of 22, they are faced with an exciting and anxious period of transitions. Transitions may include moving from a school-based day program to employment or other day support options, changing from a school-based residential situation or living with a family to receiving supports in their own apartment or perhaps living in a staffed residential program.

Lifeworks is experienced in working with young men and women during the final years of school programs and supports and assists them in transitioning to a variety of adult services models. Our team recognizes many people want to create customized support systems based around individual choices, the lifestyle of each person and the needs of their families.

For more information and an overview of the supports that Lifeworks provides in the areas of living arrangementsemployment supports, our World of Work program or individual supports and family supports, simply click on the links.

“Lifeworks has been key to our success with providing quality transition services for our students. Through contracting for Community Coaches, Lifeworks’ staff have been professional, caring and innovative as they teach skills and provide support for our students in work and community settings. The flexibility and dedication of administration and staff have helped to make our KP Links program a huge success.”

– Elena Varney
M.S., C.R.C., Transition Coordinator
King Philip Regional High School