How To Get Services

Obtaining Program Services

Lifeworks accepts individuals for its programs from a variety of sources, including:

  • The Department of Developmental Services (DDS)
  • The Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC)
  • Individuals being served, and their families who want to fund their services privately

When an individual is accepted into the Lifeworks program, we invite them to spend two weeks with us at one of our Training & Fulfillment Centers.

Lifeworks welcomes your questions regarding requests, programs and services. Just give us a call at any of the posted contact numbers, or via email. We’ll be glad to arrange a tour of our Programs before any decisions are made.

All requests for employment services should be sent to one of our Program Directors:

All other requests, including housing and residential support services, please contact Chris Page at 781-762-4001 or

What do our employment services programs cost?

  • Costs are based on the level and types of supports required.
  • Funding sources pay for the costs of each approved program.

What are Lifeworks’ funding sources?

  • Most of our funding comes from the Department of Developmental Services (DDS).
  • We also receive funding from the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, (MRC), for job development and employment support services.
  • While DDS and MRC are our primary funding sources, we also receive support from the Montachusett Regional Transit Authority and the Public Partnership L.L.C.
  • Some individuals purchase services through ‘private pay’ arrangements.

For a casual, ‘no obligation’, conversation about our services, or to learn how we can customize a program for you based on your specific need, please contact: Chris Page at 781-762-4001 or email