Supported Living

The goal of independent living is realized for many of the people we serve with the help of a Lifeworks Supported Living program. Because each person is unique, Lifeworks offers a variety of supported living options.

This program, often called the Individual Support Program, serves individuals who live independently in the community. Lifeworks Case Managers facilitate continued independent living by providing four to up to twenty-four hours of weekly service and arrangements including assistance with the following:

groupAdvocacy: providing support and promoting self advocacy at work, home and in the community. Assistance with entitlements and programs such as Social Security, Medicare, MassHealth, The Ride, Section 8 and local housing.

Financial Skills and Budgeting: Assistance with banking including budgeting skills development and transportation.

Life Improvement Goal Planning: Setting and achieving individual goals such as community mobility and involvement, voting, personal well-being and learning new skills such reading, cooking, shopping, computer skills, and personal care.

Medical Needs: Coordinating medical care including transportation, support with follow-up care, supervision of prescriptions, assistance with and administration of medications, advocacy and assistance with general wellness (diet, exercise, etc.). Shopping: Assistance with life-enhancing purchases such as grocery and personal shopping including transportation. Social Activities: promoting civic engagement, planning and participating in social activities such as sports and sporting events, movies, dances, travel and dining out.

Travel: Researching, booking and confirming travel arrangements with various special-needs travel agencies.

For more information on Lifeworks Supported Living Programs contact the Program Director,
Richard Perkins at 781-769-3298.