Personal Stories

Mary H.

maryMary is a familiar face around Lifeworks. She has been served by Lifeworks for over the past 20 years living in 3 different group residences and also working at Lifeworks Employment Services. She moved into her current home a year and a half ago and resides with three of her childhood friends.

During this time she has taken a leadership role in the house and also has become the house comedian. She now enjoys participating in community outings with her housemates, which is very different from her community involvement in her previous residences.

In addition to all of the activity suggestions she makes, she also helped plan a Cape Cod trip this summer.

Overall, her biggest achievement so far has been her active participation in her weight loss. In the past year and a half, Mary has lost 31 pounds by participating in the Weight Watchers Point System. She cares very much about her weight loss and now makes healthier choices on her own and actually enjoys being weighed each week. Her doctors and nurses who have never seen this side of Mary have recognized her active involvement in her health and weight loss.

Her continued success has very much to do with her family, housemates, and staff that support and encourage her each day.