Personal Stories

Ted and MIT Endicott House

ted_mikeTed is a shining example of success at the MIT Endicott House.

7 years ago, we began our relationship with Lifeworks and Ted. Ted began as an entry level houseman, cleaning the lobby, meeting rooms, trash and recycling removal. Ted’s responsibilities have increased on a yearly basis; he now refreshes meeting rooms on his own, meets and greets clients, assists in all areas of the Endicott House, and is now a vital and necessary part of our team.

Our relationship with Lifeworks has proven to be fruitful for everyone involved. Our staff has developed a greater understanding of camaraderie, mentoring and teamwork. Ted will assist with any task assigned to him, with enthusiasm and a positive attitude.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with Lifeworks for many years to come and encourage other employers to give Lifeworks and the individuals they serve, like Ted, every opportunity to fill a position, as it truly is a “win-win” for all concerned.

It is our great honor to know and work with Ted.

Diane Simonds
Director of Conference Planning
MIT Endicott House