Personal Stories

Sam C.

sam_cSometimes people are very set in their ways and afraid to leave their comfort zone.

Sam C. was that type of person.

He was eager to work and had many marketable skills, but he also had many specific stipulations about what he would or would not do in terms of a job.

As a result, he turned down many good employment opportunities over the years.

He wanted the “perfect” job, which for Sam primarily meant working with vending machines and soda in particular.

Staff continued to work with Sam in conjunction with his family and other team members to establish a list of pros and cons about each job opportunity. Each time a job came up the list was reviewed and discussed.

Some of Sam’s anxieties about trying something new were put to rest and gradually Sam became a little more flexible and started to step ‘outside the box’.

They say that ‘timing is everything” and in this case it was really true.

In April of 2009, Benchmark Sales and Marketing, a food broker and wholesale company located right across the street from Lifeworks, contacted our Job Developer.

She had visited them over a year prior and now they had a job opening they hoped we could help fill. They needed someone to work part-time in their food service warehouse and kitchen areas.

This was right up Sam’s alley as it met a lot of his ‘spec’s”:

  1. He wouldn’t have to wear a uniform (one of his main criteria),
  2. He would have a comfortable amount of independence,
  3. He could work part-time, and most importantly,
  4. He would be able to do some work with vending machines and freezers (his real passion).

Sam interviewed and was hired immediately. His duties include: stocking coolers, unloading trucks, general clean- up and organizing of the food pantry and freezers. Needless to say, Sam loves his job!

In addition, he continues to work part-time in our own warehouse a couple of days a week.

Last year, the managers at Benchmark were so pleased with Sam’s job performance that they gave him his own business cards, a tremendous source of pride for Sam.

A testimony to Benchmark’s natural workplace supports, Sam is included in special holiday and other corporate events, often the key to job satisfaction, longevity and success.

Sam has taken pride in his work and is flourishing more and more each year.

In fact, at our Annual Awards Banquet in June 2010, Sam was honored as the individual who has “Most Improved”.

Mary Ellen Cameron
Director, Employment Services
Lifeworks, Inc.

Craig F.

craigCraig joined Lifeworks in 2003 after having prior work experience at the Polaroid Corporation as a battery tester, in the mailrooms at Boston’s Children’s Hospital and at the EPA. Over time, Craig honed his work skills by joining our mobile crews at Harbor Textiles and Romanow Container, two of Lifeworks’ long-term and valued employer partners.

Craig’s career really ‘took flight’ in 2004 when he was hired along with five other Lifeworks individuals, by Gate Gourmet at Logan Airport. Responsible for assembling large quantities of snack packages every day for a major airline that demanded accuracy and speed, Craig was very successful.

Craig was then interviewed and hired by Extra Space Storage in July of 2006, which allowed him to work more independently and to really stand out as an exemplary employee. Craig uses public transportation to commute to and from work independently, something that he really likes.

“I stay on task and do a good job. I do the best I can,” says Craig. He is very proud of the fact that his hourly wage has steadily increased from $7.50 per hour to $10.63 per hour, and that he gets along very well with his co-workers and supervisor who include him at every special event sponsored by Extra Space Storage.

Craig has received numerous employment awards from Lifeworks over the years, including our 2010 ‘Individual Employment’ award. While accepting at our Annual Awards Ceremony, Craig confidently addressed an audience of over 450 people about his achievement saying, “Lifeworks helped me get this job and I am very grateful. I work hard at my job and take it seriously.”