Welcome to Lifeworks!



Lifeworks provides education, jobs and homes for persons with developmental disabilities empowering them to lead meaningful lives within the community. Our guiding principles ensure that Lifeworks staff and volunteers strive to create and conduct programming which:

  • is person centered and individualized
  • nurtures community, friendship and family ties
  • promotes meaningful, productive participation in society
  • creates opportunities for meaningful, responsible decisions
  • creates opportunity for reasonable risk-taking
  • protects and promotes human rights
  • promotes supportive social environments and attitudes
  • provides competent and caring professional supports

Licensing and Accreditations

Lifeworks is accredited by CARF which states, “the organization is considered a benchmark of quality and was referred to as the ‘gold standard’ of quality service provision.”

The Department of Developmental Services of Massachusetts gives Lifeworks a “certification level of CERTIFIED WITH DISTINCTION. Lifeworks continues to be an exemplary model for outstanding services. The quality of supports provided is due in great part to the dedication and longevity of both the management team and direct care staff.” – Dept. of Developmental Services of MA